april 21, 2015

To order WHALE Pro please contact whale@mingler.com


Q: What is WHALE?
A: WHALE is a unique tool for trend spotting. WHALE monitors all active Facebook posts in a market, in order to identify trends and content i real-time. You can monitor an entire country, an industry, a user defined watchlist or 1.000 keywords!

Q: What makes WHALE unique?
A: We monitor ALL trending Facebook pages and posts in every market every 10 minutes.

Q: How can WHALE create value for my company?
A: It depends on your industry: 

  • Media companies can tap into a trending story (“news jacking”).
  • Politicial organisations can monitor engaging opinions in real-time.
  • Advertising agencies can live tap into consumers thoughts.
  • Community managers can identify viral content before it takes off.
  • PR and communication agencies can spot trends before they turn into common opinions.
  • Companies can monitor competitors and explore live trends in their own industry.
  • Public authorities can identify public sentiment before it turns into a public opinion.

Q: How do you determine whether a Facebook Page belongs to a market?
A: We analyse the page engagement in order to define it’s origin. All Facebook pages with more than 50% native engagement are included.

Q: Can I use WHALE to monitor all posts on my own Facebook page?
A: No, unfortunately not. WHALE identifies trending content in an entire market or industry.
If you are looking for at tool to manage owned media, we recommend you to connect with our friends at Falcon Social.

Q: Who is behind?
A: Mingler ApS - a Scandinavian digital agency specialised in social business and Big Data.

Q: Do you have a free version?
A: Yes, we have created a free version with Top 50 pages and Top 50 posts and a 60 minutes update frequency.

Q: Why should I order WHALE Pro?
A: WHALE Pro is the professional's choise to monitor emerging trends, viral stories and public opinions in markets and industries. With Pro you'll have: 

  • Top 100 Pages.
  • Top 100 Posts.
  • Higher update frequency (10 minutes).
  • User-defined watchlists.
  • Live Notification (trending posts and pages).
  • 1.000 keywords.
  • Data from international Facebook pages.
  • Mobile and tablet edition.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to refine your data feeds. 
  • Share watchlists and notifications within your organisation.
  • User management.

Q: How can I order WHALE Pro?
A: Contact Mingler for further information on plans and pricing at whale@mingler.com

Q: Can you build a customised version of WHALE?
A: Mingler develops customised solutions based on WHALE data. Mingler can provide data feeds with the most active Facebook pages and most active posts for an entire country, a global industry or a larger pool of named pages. We can supply live stats in all known formats.

To order WHALE Pro please contact whale@mingler.com

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